HINDRAF is Panicking

Hindraf is panicking that the Malaysian Indian Blueprint which was launched by PM Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak on 23 April is gaining momentum. Hindraf could not digest that this Blueprint will achieve tremendous success for the Indian community, which is a way forward than Hindraf’s style of dragging the Indians down to the streets.

Further, Hindraf should stop harping on the MoU signed with BN which is not even an agreement.  The Hindraf Chairman has lost the golden opportunity to see through the MoU’s implementation for reasons that only he knows. If Waytha Moorthy was sincere in helping the Indian community, he would have stayed on to implement plans he got BN to agree to.

After screwing it up, he is now blaming the PM for his failure. Therefore, Hindraf  should stop bragging on helping the Indian community for they have not done anything till today. However, for record the Indian community have benefited the most under the present premier Najib.

Waytha Moorthy in 2007 brought the Indian to the street but he left them and runway hiding in London until 2012. So do not think the people have forgotten your betrayal and the one who trusted him also went behind bars. Does Waytha ever realize that the people are also angry with Hindraf for always making confusing statement and blaming the government in whatever efforts initiated by the government?

Yesterday, Najib said that the Malaysian Indian Blueprint, which was launched in April, will only be FULLY realised and achieve if Indian community continues to support government in GE14. This is a very fair statement because for MIB can only be successfully implemented if the government remain in power.

The statement has triggered people; especially the intellectual community; to come out with statements like ‘if we don’t vote for BN can we chose not to pay tax?

My personal view they forgot to see the word ‘FULLY’ in PM’s statement. Which means MIB is a long term commitment. So if you really want to see a comprehensive achievement of MIB targets then you would obviously need the same government to rule the next term.

Absolutely PM’s statements make sense and the Indians realizes this and we see the Indian are coming back to BN. I think Hindraf have lost direction and trying their best to make a return.

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