KDN should not allow anyone to question their integrity

KDN has the responsibility to clear the air on why Vaiko from India was denied entry. Being denied entry for blacklist is not a good reason says PAR Malaysia President Datuk A. Chandrakumanan.

If Vaiko’s presence is detrimental and could harm peace and harmony of the country, than Zakir Naik is more dangerous and a wanted fugitive who could destroy the unity among our multiracial society stressed A. Chandrakumanan after giving away bubur lambok at Desa Petaling Pasar Ramadan recently.

I am not sure how KDN considered Vaiko to be dangerous? If they could give more information and evidence of Vaiko’s involvement or links with terrorism organization than it would make sense for the reason he is being denied entry into Malaysia said A. Chandrakumanan.

The information received he was here to a attend a private  wedding function in Penang on a personal invitation by DAP’s Prof. Ramasamy. I am not a fan of Prof. Ramasamy but we should make sure the law is same for everyone as this a personal function and denying entry for Vaiko is not fair.

On the other hand it is perplexing to note that a internationally wanted criminal like Zakir Naik is granted entry  to Malaysia and given PR status. Zakir’s teaching and preaching is more dangerous which is influencing and encouraging youths to participate in terrorism links. PAR view this matter seriously and wanted KDN to monitor his involvement in such activities and revoke Zakir’s PR status accorded and blacklist him from entering Malaysia immediately.

It is imperative that KDN is not blamed for practising double standard by denying entry for Vaiko, where else a wanted fugitive is moving around freely in and out of the country.

KDN should not give room to anyone to doubt their integrity and always demonstrate professionalism in carrying out their duties without fear or favouritism says Chandrakumanan.

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