Pakatan Harapan and their ‘Vetti Pechi’

Definitely, Pakatan isn’t going to agree nor accept to anything that is presented by BN, therefore we are not expecting them to praise or mention good things about the Malaysian Indian Blueprint.

However, it is rather amusing that how this three YB’s Xavier, Charles and Hj. Mohd Anwar came to conclusion on the MIB without giving a solution for their critics. It is easy to criticise and dismiss anything that has been proposed perhaps the most vital approach would have been to give a solution with the two page findings by this YB’s, said Datuk A. Chandrakumanan, PAR Malaysia President.

It is pointless saying that we need RM1 billion for soft loans without understanding the needs and applications. We do understand that many in the group of IB40 and IM40 are unable to effectively compete in the marketplace and they do not have access to funds, as they do not qualify for loans. Nonetheless, don’t forget through SEED the government has given out business loans to 29K Indian business entrepreneurs which had been remarkable within a period of four (4) years.

Pakatan leaders do not have anything solid to offer the Indians and IB40 but they are quick at pointing finger and degrading the MIB by highlighting context of the MIB report represented just to mislead the community. This goes to show that Pakatan have apparently concluded the 168 pages report in mere two page critics, failing to realize that MIB is not about only today. MIB is drawn up extensively to address the Indians issues and it’s a 10 years plan, which comprises various sectors.

The statement made by this three Pakatan leaders is nonsensical because they say “To overcome income inequality, Pakatan Harapan calls for an increase in real wages for the B40 across all races”. How are you proposing to do this? Isn’t that what the government is doing now, Chandrakumanan further questioned.

Pakatan had been commenting about citizenship problem since 2012 claiming there are 300k stateless Indians but they are yet to give any solid statistic till today. It is high time the people become more aware of the ongoing baloney around them and be more assertive on the demands made by the Pakatan to hoodwink the people, stressed Chandrakumanan recently in Kuala Lumpur.

Pakatan leaders are only good in making rhetoric statement during election, many moons have come and gone, but the people are yet to see any solid policies introduced by Pakatan. We can hear them beating their drums louder as election is getting closer.

Pakatan with NO Hope (Harapan)

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