Prevent Gangsterism – Say NO

PAR Malaysia strongly feels gangsterism should be given a serious thought as this is affecting the school children and parents are worried about its rise in school, say’s its President Datuk A. Chandrakumanan.

We are reading that crime and violence is in the rise, boys and girls are being dragged into this gangsterism knowingly or without knowingly what they are getting into. More often now there are these gangs recruiting school children’s into carrying out ultra-vice activities. This could be drug pushing, drugs dealing, theft, snatch thieves, vandalism, gang fighting and more. I remember reading an article last year where a group of boys beating up their classmates and in another case after a gang fight one of the victim died due to internal injuries.

We always says higher percentage of involvement in such activities are due to family environment, living conditions and lack of academic qualification, this could be true to an extend stressed Datuk A. Chandrakumanan. These gangs use tactics to intimidate these people to achieve their objective and is highly convincing. Sometime this people too lured into this because they need more money for their luxury, or could be due to fear or for other reason only they know. This gangsterism is highly dangerous because it could cripples the entire education system where it creates fear, non attendances, risk of depression and suicide and jeopardizes the growing of a knowledge based society.

How do we play a role to eradicate gangsterism?

We cannot eradicate gangsterism but maybe we can curb its activities and prevent children’s from getting into this trap set by the gang activities or its leaders. Chandrakumanan also says that PAR Malaysia is undertaking this “Prevent Gangsterism – Say NO” as part of its social work on the ground to prevent school children’s falling into this gang traps. We will be doing a nationwide road show starting from SJKT and SMK to curb gangsterism which we believe is the core area where focus should be given. This is because most of the time school children’s are their main target. Most of the time schools too fail to report such activities because afraid it might tarnish the school image, unless it’s a serious issue.

If we can educate the children at primary level before they step into secondary school they will be alert and beware of such illicit activities operated by gangs and they will know that it is morally wrong to be part of such gangs. We might not be able to prevent 100% from taking part into such activities but we can prevent the majority.

PAR Malaysia is willing to work with any organization, parents, political party, NGO’s and with the Police forces for this purpose and we feel it is important to have a good breed of society in the next 30 years from now. PAR Malaysia hope this “Prevent Gangsterism – Say NO” will be included in TN50 campaign.

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